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An illiterate woman boarded a plane from Enugu to Abuja.

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An illiterate woman boarded a
plane from Enugu to
She was booked for an economy
class seat...
Just after the plane took-off, the
woman stood up and
to sit in the first class cabin.
The flight attendant went to ask
her to go back and
sit in economy class because
that's where her ticket
allowed her to sit, but she
refused. She had paid and
wanted the best seat.
Then the attendant informed the
junior pilot. The
junior pilot went and spoke with
the lady and she still
refused. Then the junior pilot
went to inform the
Chief pilot.
The chief pilot said, "I am married
to an illiterate, I'll
go and talk to her".
The Chief Pilot went and
whispered some words to
the woman and she peacefully
stood up and went to
her economy class seat.
Surprised, the flight attendant and
junior pilot asked
the Chief Pilot:
"Sir, what did you tell her?"
The Chief Pilot said: Easy Guys! I
just told her that
first class is not going to Abuja,
only economy class

Please spend TIME today & thank God for the priviledge given to you to be among the educated class.

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