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The Top 10 Myths Behind Masturbation By John M. Grohol, Psy.D.

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The Top 10 Myths Behind Masturbation

By John M. Grohol, Psy.D.

Masturbation still gets a bad rap in society, probably because it is a
private behavior rarely shared or discussed in public with even the
closest of friends. But masturbation is a normal part of sexuality in
people, even if they are involved in a relationship with another person.
Even though some people are still often taught in childhood
that masturbation is something to avoid doing, researchers and experts
in sexuality agree that masturbation is normal, healthy sexual behavior.

In this article we answer the top ten myths regarding masturbation.

  1. Does masturbation cause blindness?
  2. Do spouses continue to masturbate after marriage?
  3. Why are people so embarrassed about masturbation?
  4. Why do women often have trouble reaching orgasm during intercourse?
  5. How much masturbation is too much?
  6. What do I tell my “touchy” toddler?
  7. Will eating Kellogg’scornflakes make me stop doing it?
  8. Is shower massager masturbation okay?
  9. Can masturbation help me learn to have an orgasm?
  10. Should I tell my partner that I masturbate?

Remember — masturbation is a normal part of human sexuality. While it
may be embarrassing to discuss with others, it’s nothing to be ashamed
of (as long as it is done in private and in moderation). it is dangerous and have some spiritual attached ment

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